OLAA BX Auction logo

3700 South Orlando Drive Sandford FL 32773
(3 miles from the OLAA main facility)
Sale Day and Time:
Every Thursday at 9:00 am (EST)
Office Hours:
Mon-Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 8 am-5 pm
Weekends – closed

Vehicle pick-up hours are the same as office hours

What is the BX Auction?

The BX Auction is a mobile Inop-Damaged vehicle auction offered by Orlando Longwood Auto Auction.

The BX Auction offers over 70 different commercial and dealer consigners. This is a weekly live mobile sale. All units will also be offered via simulcast.

BX Auto Auction Vehicles

BX Auction Policies

BX Consignment Form

What is the BX Auction?

We currently have the BX lane running in our sale; it is a postcard or watch the screen auction for vehicles that are inoperable or damaged and can not drive thru the lane. 

What hours are the BX Auction office open?

Office hours are Mon-Thursday 9am-5pm & Friday 8am-5pm! Closed on Weekends! Vehicle pickup will be during the same office hours only! NO EXCEPTIONS!

What is a Live Mobile Auction?

The units are auctioned from a mobile auction block. Offered in person and online. The live mobile auction will be a trailer pulled by a truck around the vehicles that are placed in line. We will auction them off as dealers are standing next to them, this sale will also be simulcast for internet buyers.

Can I pay for my BX purchases at the mobile location?

Yes, you can pay for your purchases via check and floorplan throughout the week, although sash will only be accepted on Friday Sale Day! Gate passes may be printed from either location.

Is there a shuttle from the main location to the offsite BX Location?

No, currently we will not offer a shuttle service to this location. There is ample customer parking at the BX Auction. Valet is not offered at the BX location.

Is Valet service going to be offered at the BX Auction?

No, this will not be necessary at this time, the parking lot is very large.

I sold a unit in the BX sale, where do I take my title?

No TITLES will be accepted at the BX Auction location. Titles are only accepted at the main location.



If you are registered at OLAA same sale day, can I use my same badge number?

NO, since our BX Auction sale day is on Thursdays, you must get a NEW badge for our Friday Auction.

What can a BX Auction vehicle be arbitrated for?

This is a “Where-is/As-is” Inoperable auction, all vehicles will be run RED light: AS-IS! The only arbitration will be for mileage and title status errors.